Ripped Singlets, Angel Boners and Gay Tentacles

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First up is a series called “Rumble”. It’s one of the earlier comics I created. The quality of the art, both 3D wise and postwork is pretty poor. It has it’s moments though.

I paid particular attention to the crotch of these boys. I made sure to make their wrestling singlets bulged with thick toon dick. Some of those bulges are down right scary. They take on all kinds of strange shapes. Like I said. I was learning.

More to come for this series

Wrestling Rumble Gallery

Here we have our beloved Deek again. This time he’s sporting a pair of angel wings with high tops and socks. That’s it. Nothing else. Good thing though. A cock that pretty should never be covered.

With a slight curve to his rock hard boner, this boy angel will take you to heaven. You can almost hear his ball sack smacking you on the chin as he face fucks you.

Cocks & Ends Gallery

Finally, I have 2 images for Joey’s tentacle series. Legs spread, the tentacle explores his hole and finally makes a dive into Joey’s tight little toon ass.

More to come for this series

Joey’s Gallery

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