Naked Elves, a huge dick and a sticky dildo

The updates today include the final installment of ApocalSex, a new set featuring Deek and his HUGE dildo and an elf in his birthday suit.

Deek is an old character I created 8 years ago that I’ve re-jazzed. He shows off his flexibility in this set and demonstrates how how stretchy he is in other places.

I’m going to pull Deek out of retirement. I still have a crush on him.

The final ApocalSex updates are now online. Watch for Dodger’s sly smile at the end as he’s on his knees and jizz dripping from his, mmm… you’ll see. The look of painful pleasure says it all.

And then we have the nude elf. No reason really. Just wanted to see a naked elf. Honestly, there’s just not enough elven dick out there, so here’s my small contribution.

Sadly, I’m not too pleased with him. He’s way too 3D ‘ish. Back to the drawing board with him. More naked elves to come I guess.


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