ApocalSex is back

It’s Friday night and time for the next installment of this post-apocalyptic world of mutant monster dicks. I enjoyed creating these scenes. I’ll probably go back to this world again with a new and updated look.

dick hanging from jeans

Our little Dodger finally finds out what he’s dealing with. Just inches from his face, a cock of monstrous proportion dangled.

The thick veiny dick throbbed and grew hungrier for Dodger’s ass.

nudist surprise

I love Dodger’s reaction here. He’s such a cutie. And not badly hung either.

The highwayman’s love hammer swayed back and forth as Dodger shrieked like a little girl. What lay ahead both terrified and aroused him. A dick like that gives equal pleasure and pain.

Uncut dick

Dodger knew it would come down to this. He relaxed as the mutant barbarian stuck his spit wetted finger up his ass.

Be sure to check back soon for the last installment of Apocalypse. How will this climax play out?

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