Gym Rats Banging

The gym tricking lads are back

Raw comic sex

The Gym Rats Banging series is nearly complete. Once finished and uploaded, I’ll begin the comic portion. Here’s a sneak peak of the comic in the works. There will also be additional art in the comic that won’t be in the gallery.

Taylor wasted no time digging into Bryer’s crotch. Bryer’s thick rod filled Taylor’s mouth and then some. At least 3 inches slid down Taylor’s throat as the muscled jock pushed his cock in and out.

But Taylor knew how to work fat dick. He was skilled and the tingling in Bryer’s balls said it all.

Bryer ran his fingers through Taylor’s hair as he pushed the boy’s face deep into his crotch. Pubic hairs tickled Taylor’s nose. And the smell of ripe jock sweat made Taylor’s hard-on get even harder.